Frequently asked Questions


Do you Buy bicycles?
This is our most commonly asked Question. Due to the number of bicycles stolen each day our policy is that we dont buy bikes for cash. Although we will take them in as donations, or as part exchange against another bike. If you are buying a bike from us, this is how you can be sure its not stolen

Do you service and repair bikes?
Yes we do service bikes, you can book your bicycle service here, and we do repairs here too

What time are you open?
Our opening times can be seen below

Do you collect & deliver?
We can collect and deliver bikes if its inconvenient for you to do so, there is a small charge for collection/delivery depending on distance, email us to discuss in more detail

Can you hold a bike for me?
Yes, we can hold a bike for 4 weeks with a £20 deposit. Any longer we require full payment of the balance due

Do you offer payment plans?
We don't encourage borrowing for a bicycle, but we do have a simple payment system. If there is a bicycle you want, pay a deposit to hold the bike, then bring in what you can afford each week/month. Once the bikes is paid for its yours